Our darts presentation weekend was held in Coventry this year we had 163 people attend all compared by little Richard Ashdown on the Friday evening we played the mixed triples where we have two men and a lady in a team. Followed by a disco.
Then on the Saturday morning we played PCV pairs, guest pairs, and lady’s pairs.
Then Saturday afternoon we played the PCV individuals, guest individuals and ladies individuals followed by an exhibition by our 2
professionals followed by a disco and karaoke. Then on the Sunday morning we had our presentation were our winners and
runners up receive a trophy by the Master Of ceremonies Richard Ashdown and the trophies were presented by Alan Chuck Norris and
Trina Gulliver the results are as follows. 
Mixed triples runners up were Hannah Tomkins, Sean Gibbs and Rob Channing.
The mixed triples winners were Gweneth Rushton, Simon Beagle and Roger Summers.
The lady’s pairs runner up were Jenny Beagle and Lyndsey Carter who also got a 180.
The lady’s pairs winners were Angie Mann and Karen Carder.
The guest men’s pairs runner up were John Kimber and Phil McDonnell, and the winners were Andy Nellist and John Nicholson.
The PCV pairs runner up were Ady Wright, and Mike Tume and the winners were Mike Burnell and Pete Walsh. 
The ladies I.K.O runner up was Emmer levers, and the winner was Angie Mann.
The guest men’s I.K.O runner up was Phil McDonnell, and the winner was Steve Greenwood.
The PCV I.K.O runner up was Ady Wright, and the winner was Mike Burnell.
The weekend was enjoyed by all and look forward to next year where it will be held in Sand Bay in Weston Super Mere on the 10th
till 12th February 2023. If any body would like to put a team in for next year, please contact the darts secretary on 07402 309127 or
email at kuhlkie123@gmail.com