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Who are the N.P.T.S.A and What do they do?
The Association was founded in 1971 by six transport companies from Yorkshire and the West Midlands, to cater for sporting welfare of both employees and employers within the passenger transport industry, including bus, tram and rail systems.

Objectives of the Association
To govern, promote, encourage and co-ordinate sport and recreation in the passenger transport industry throughout the U.K. We believe that a when colleagues engage in these activities outside of work it builds higher workforce morale and helps build better, stronger teams.

Membership is open to all people employed within the vast sphere of the passenger transport industry and may, on contribution levels, be individual, garage ,establishment or corporate (Many of the major groups contribute to allow their staff to participate)  Competitions where applicable allow partners and associate members to compete.

Member Sections
There are currently thirteen active sports sections with a further two, General Knowledge Quiz and Photography. (see under Sports Sections). Each section is autonomous and has its own management committee who are responsible for staging competitions, arranging venues, sponsors, trophies. They take further responsibility for publishing their activities through this website and reporting through a nominated representative to the Sports Council of the Association. They also set their own annual subscription or competition entry fees.

Elected Officers of the Association are the President, Vice President, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Elected Life Vice Presidents are entitled to attend all meetings of the Association but have no vote.
The Association is managed in a two tier arrangement, representatives of each individual section are delegated to the Sports Council who meet on a regular basis and report with their recommendations to the Management Board.

The Management Board comprises of The President/Vice President – Chairperson – Vice Chairperson – Secretary – Treasurer + 3 Elected Representatives of the Sports Council 

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Tenpin Bowling
Stuart Wilkinson

Tenpin Bowling – Team Event, Altrincham, October 2023

Tenpin Bowling, Team Event Altrincham, October 2023 SHEFFIELD DOMINATE NEW LOOK TEAM EVENT After cancelling last years event It was great to be back with a new format for our team event. Moving to a new venue at Altrincham the event was played on one day instead of two by

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Stuart Wilkinson

Angling – Solhampton Fisheries – October 2023

Angling – Solhampton Fisheries, October 2023 5 Man Bert Simpson Memorial Match Yet another fantastic turn out for the match at Solhampton Fisheries, thank you to all those who took part. Team Winners 1st Place – NX Walsall – 16 Points  2nd Place – NX BCA – 20 Points   – 

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Indoor Games
Stuart Wilkinson

2023 Indoor Games – **Important Information**

2023 Indoor Games **Important Information**   **Important Information** Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to cancel the N.P.T.S.A 2023 Indoor Games Competition at Tiffany’s Hotel in Blackpool, in November 2023. I was in discussions with the hotel on Wednesday 4th October 2023 and they couldn’t guarantee

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Bowls (Crown Green)
Stuart Wilkinson

Crown Green Bowls – Results 2023

Crown Green Bowls – Results 2023 Unfortunately due to the shortage of entries in 2023, many competitions did not take place including the individuals competition in Wakefield, due to lack of interest in the north. Competitions did continue thanks to the Birmingham teams and the support of The Stadium in

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Stuart Wilkinson

Angling – Marston Fields, September 2023

Angling – Marston Fields, September 2023 Yet another fantastic turn out for the match at Marston Fields, thank you to all those who took part. Team Winners 1st Place – NX Walsall – 8 Points  2nd Place – Rotherham – 9 Points 3rd Place – NX Birmingham (A) – 13

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Stuart Wilkinson

Football – N.P.T.S.A Competition 2023 – Results

Football – N.P.T.S.A Competition 2023 – Results After a short absence due to Covid 19 it was great to see a fantastic turn out for the 6 a-side Football Competition on Sunday 10th September 2023, which saw us play at The Stadium, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Below are the results of

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