The Angling Association was formed in 1932 by Mr A C Baker of Birmingham Corporation Tramways and Omnibus Department.

The first match was the ten man team match and took place every year until the the outbreak of war in 1939.
In 1946 it started up again and took place on the second Tuesday in September, Mr J Webb who was secretary for many years presented the Angling Association with a Trophy for this match.

In the seventies a management committee was formed and two other matches were put into place, these being the Individual match fished in June, the Management and Bernard Naylor match fished in july and the Five man Bert Simpson match fished in October.
The Angling Association like all other sports sections within the N P T Sports Association plays an inportant role in the well being of the Transport companies employees. Over the years we have all seen Leisure and Recreation grow and in the twenty first century it has become integral for a stable, healthy and happy workforce which in turn will look after its employers thus helping them to reap the benefits and maximise the companies profits.

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