Bowls (Flat Green)

Flat Green is one of the longer established sports in the Association.
The competitions are open to male, female or mixed formats.  

Under the Association Rules Wives/Husbands or Partners and Associate members are eligible to compete.
To encompass developments in the industry there is now one annual 5’s Tournament. Five bowlers play singles/pairs triples and rinks.

This event is staged at various venues across the UK and has been provisionally booked at Wellcroft Bowling Club Glasgow for June 2022

For further information contact:

Pam McDonald (Secretary)

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RESULTS FOR SEASON 2021 GRANGE PARK 19/04/21  CAPTAIN’S DAY Name Points Position D. Jones 40 1 C. Perry 35 2 N. Thomas 33 3 BELTON WOODS 24th & 25th  /05/21

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Welcome all to the new website At last we have arrived in the 21st century with the newly designed wesite. Thanks to Neil McNally for his patience and perseverance in

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