One of the early member sections of the NPTSA

The National Cricket Competition was, at one time the largest amateur Cricket Competition in the Country with 74 club entries.

Recent Covid 19 restrictions and major changes in the industry over the years have meant the section has had to re -invent itself.

2019 saw the pilot 20/20 Tournament and it was decided to continue with this format as an annual event. A provisional booking are already in place for Wolverhampton in 2022

For further details contact

Alison Gresser ( Secretary )

What's been happening...


RESULTS FOR SEASON 2021 GRANGE PARK 19/04/21  CAPTAIN’S DAY Name Points Position D. Jones 40 1 C. Perry 35 2 N. Thomas 33 3 BELTON WOODS 24th & 25th  /05/21

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NPTSA New Website

Welcome all to the new website At last we have arrived in the 21st century with the newly designed wesite. Thanks to Neil McNally for his patience and perseverance in

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